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Thursday 10th January 2019

The Queen of Instruments: the Lute within Old Master Paintings

The lute holds a special place in the history of art: painters of the Italian Renaissance depicted golden-haired angels plucking at its delicate strings, evoking celestial harmony; in the 16th century, during the rise of humanism, the lute became the accoutrement of educated courtiers as depicted by the likes of Holbein and Titian; throughout the 17th century, the instrument continued to play a key role in emphasising the intimate, debauched and transient pleasures of interior scenes by Jan Steen and portraits by Frans Hals.

This lecture looks at the lute, where it appears in paintings, and how it is used as a device to express various aspects of the human character throughout the ages. Several pieces of lute music will be performed as part of the lecture by Adam Busiakiewicz, art historian and lutenist.

Dispel those January blues by joining us for this fascinating lecture on Thursday 10th January at the Memorial Centre, Whitefield Road. Coffee served from 10am; the lecture begins at 10.30. Visitors welcome (£6). For more information contact Peter Ronan on 01425 638200.

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